International Journal of Industrial Arbitration (IJIArb)

ISSN: 2736-1187 (print); e-ISSN: 2736-1179 (online)

International Journal of Industrial Arbitration (Int’l.J.Ind.Arb.) is a peer-reviewed monthly publication of the Chartered Institute of Industrial Administrators and Arbitrators and its affiliate Southrock International Academy under the Human Resources Development Initiative (HRDI) programs. The journal is positioned to advance the science of industrial arbitration as a distinct field of learning, practice and specialization within the confines of human, corporate, public and international relations. The journal thus showcases international best practices and idea formulations from very competent academics, corporate services executives and industrial sector leaders. The findings of these resource persons, as stated in their articles contribution, are available to key industry operators who rely on verifiable empirical results from research outputs to make veritable corporate, national and international human resource based decisions.


In addition, contributions from international industrial arbitration specialists, attorneys, and other corporate services practitioners increases the viability, suitability and sustainability of the journal to drive the ideologies of modern industrial arbitration practice. The articles in this journal provide some insights into the workings of modern industrial arbitration practice; and it is therefore the hope of the editors that this journal will create more interest and desires in the minds of the readers towards the journal. Academics and well experienced industrial arbitrators are hereby invited to send in their articles as to contribute to the advancement of industrial arbitration practice.



International Journal of Industrial Arbitration (IJIArb) is designed to cover various aspects and issues that deal with the specialized form of arbitration practice, referred to, as industrial arbitration. This journal shall sustain discussions and analysis of international best practices that enhance industrial harmony in both public and private environments in addition to discussions on the balance of trades and investments.



In achieving and sustaining the vision, the journal shall engage in the internationalization of domestic arbitral practices which have significant positive impacts on local businesses, within the confines of applicable legislations.  It shall also evolve comparative disputes settlement mechanisms that has the capacity to sustain industrial harmony among interested parties, given the peculiarities of their contractual circumstances.


General Scope

The journal shall continue to anchor on topical issues whose understanding enhances the viability of foreign direct investments, integrated industrial relations and labour development, management of cross-border contractual obligations, resolving of intervening issues outside terms of parties’ agreements, analysis of statutory arbitral instruments, arbitration proceedings, awards and enforcements, intervention of the courts, limits and jurisdictional competence of arbitration panels, etc.


In consideration of topical areas for the articles of the journal, it is important to note that the journal shall publish articles emanating from all areas of possible disputes settlement conditions and issues that introduces questions of applicable laws on the basis of available facts; or of contractual conditions with possibilities of settlement by arbitration. The journal shall be significantly concerned with components of parties’ agreements or that which requires interpretation or analysis of law.



In terms of frequency of publication, the journal issues shall be published on monthly basis in yearly volumes.