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Southrock International Academy, publisher of Southrock Journals is an independent professional and research based organization that supports institutional efforts of academic and professional development institutions around the globe, towards global industrialization drive.

 Southrock Journals is well positioned to enhance access to quality research information and resources for industry operators and academics who desire cogent and verifiable research contents for informed opinion and decisions on key operational priorities.


The journals publish researches and reports in the specialized fields of industrial administration and industrial arbitration. Consequently, the specific focus of this journal platform is to engage industrial services administrators, policy makers and strategists to continuously brainstorm on possibilities of optimizing emerging technologies and practices in the provision of remote and general solutions to the challenges of industrial development including the resort to industrial arbitration (where necessary) as a tool to stability of global industrial growth.     


What We Do

We offer an accessible and reputable platform to help showcase your academic and research work to the world in the specialized fields of industrial administration and arbitration. 


Our Approach

Our approach is based on the industry standard open access model for publishing, and we adhere to a strict peer review process to facilitate recognition of reputable universities and other educational institutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance wide acceptability and facilitate circulation of research journals both locally and worldwide.

Industrial Administration

Authors can contribute articles from all spheres of industrial practices, including those of engineering, construction, health management and medical technologies, industrial management, higher education administration, hospitality and tourism development, commerce and international trades, corporate management, banking and insurance, etc.

Industrial Arbitration

We invite research articles from related concerns and issues bordering on industrial arbitration, including fundamentals of negotiations, contractual obligations, specific performance, multi-party contracts, projects duration, payments, consent, forum, etc.

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