International Journal of Industrial Administration (IJIA)

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International Journal of Industrial Administration (Int.J.Ind.Adm) is a jointly published monthly journal of Chartered Institute of Industrial Administrators and Arbitrators and its affiliate Southrock International Academy. The journal is an international framework for corporate and public agenda setting, geared towards 21st century capacity building in the practice of industrial administration among professional administrators. The journal is an assembling point for effective dissemination of reliable industrial development information. It is also a knowledge reservoir and transfer point for the incubation and deployment of effective ideas of international best practices in all aspects of industrial administration. It is a platform for the introduction and sharing of new knowledge, gained by professional administrators over the years of their practice, in addition to exhibiting the benefits they have derived in the implementation of their original experimental designs and concepts, that are peculiar to their areas of industrial practices and involvements.

Thus, the significance of resorting to scientific management under well designed administrative strategy cannot be over emphasized. In view of the foregoing, it is the desire of the publishers of this journal to enhance the development of modern industrialization policy of nation states by using this platform to initiate and sustain discussions on industrial practices and ideologies that support national and international best practices in the areas of the editors’ and authors comparative industrial engagements and experiences.



This journal is positioned to be an effective learning tool for understanding and applying modern techniques of industrial development practices, especially in realizing corporate objectives in multi-capacity organizations with upscaled services or product lines.



The journal shall welcome article contributions that sustains the vision stated above. In achieving that goal, authors are required to consider tested and proven approaches to modern scientific management of industrial organizations; and how the benefits of these key attributes to industrial revolution can be sustained over a range of tested application areas on the basis of the principles of corporate industrial administration.

 In the foregoing regard, articles contributed in this journal shall encompass issues and topical areas that are relevant and relative to industrial harmony, in terms of stakeholder engagements that ensures effective management of industrial resources. These resources are critically incidental to conflict resolution on both sides of the disputes and also beneficial to corporate leadership of industrial organizations.


General Scope

The journal covers the specialized area of industrial administration research and practice; which includes administrators’ inputs and impacts in; strategic basic research, product and service research, industrial technologies applications research, advanced production capacity research and production innovation and equipment research. Thus, a clear understanding of the authors with respect to the relative nexus between conventional industrial administration practices, research prioritization and research output is cardinal to industrial sector growth.

In addition to the foregoing, core subjects of interest for publication of articles in this journal also covers all fields of human endeavor and learning that deals with management of human and natural resources, especially areas of practice that can be upscaled to industrial capabilities and proportions. In this vein, authors can contribute articles from all spheres of industrial practices, including those of engineering, construction, health management and medical technologies, industrial management, higher education administration, hospitality and tourism development, commerce and international trades, corporate management, banking and insurance, etc.



In terms of frequency of publication, the journal issues shall be published on monthly basis in yearly volumes.

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