Call for Papers

Southrock Journals welcomes authors to submit articles for peer-review assessment and publishing. The authors guideline of the journal is available to enhance better formatting of the article before submission. For authors guidelines click here.

    Why publish with us?

      Southrock Journals is a reliable medium for exhibiting high caliber industry related information that can enhance efficiency of practice. Hence the journal has the capacity to serve as repository of actionable knowledge and skills in industrial administration and industrial arbitration.

      Article publication charges

        The article publication charges are N15,000 for Nigerian authors and $35 for authors outside Nigeria.

        Open access policy

        Southrock Journals shall continue to maintain the policy of leaving its doors open with respect to its published contents. This implies that articles in its published volumes shall be available for unrestricted access to the global audience, researchers and policy makers.


        Copyright policy

        The journal shall not implement any copyright policy that deprive authors of their rights to their intellectual resources published on its platform. To this end, authors can freely submit their articles for evaluation and publishing without completing any copyright form. This implies that the authors are the copyright holders of their works and do not require the permission of Southrock Journals to manage their inventions, findings, research contents, etc., with third parties or any other persons they have any form of engagement with in the manner they desire.


        Membership of Southrock Journal

        Membership of Southrock Journals or its affiliate institutions is recommended to researchers who visit or use this platform to reach a global audience. The benefits accrual to such membership is inestimable as interested applicants are also directed to the membership portal of the Chartered Institute of Industrial Administrators and Arbitrators and other affiliate institutions across the globe. For Southrock Journals membership form click here.